It’s That Time Again!

Yes! It’s that time again ……. almost!  You KNOW what I’m talking about ….. it’s that time when you can don your PJs, and suck up all the bandwidth with your own personal learning sessions, anytime, anywhere!
K12 Online Conference 2009 | Add the K12online Badge to Your Blog 2013 Spread the Word!
It’s almost time for the annual FREE K-12 Online Conference! This years theme is “Bridging the Divide”. And this year is shaping up to be the best yet!  Our very own Kim Cofino will be kicking off the whole shabam, the week of November 30th, with the Pre-Conference Keynote:
Going Global: Culture Shock, Convergence, and the Future of Education

So mark these dates on your calendars:

PRE-CONFERENCE KEYNOTE:  Week of November 30th

WEEK 1: December 7-11, 2009
Getting Started (13 presentations)
Leading the Change (14 presentations)

WEEK 2: December 14-17, 2009
Week in the Classroom (13 presentations)

I have to add that the keynote for this strand is by an awesome Kiwi girl (of course) Rachel Boyd
Kicking It Up a Notch (14 presentations)

That some, 41 presentations, all for you, at your leisure, and for the total PD price of ZERO dollars.

Maria Knee has put together this very clever teaser using animoto. If this doesn’t “wet your whistle” I’m not sure what will!!

Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) is used in the publication of all events. So if you’re like me, and ALWAYS get the timezones wrong – use TimeandDate to help you join in the fireside chats and eluminate sessions.

Psssst:  Did I mention it was FREE!!

Collaboration Anytime Any Place

How cool is this?

Need to plan?  Need to collaborate but can’t seem to find a time when you’re all free at once?

Invite one colleague over for dinner, skype in your other colleague who lives an hour away and open google docs.  One collaboratively planned project ready to start with students.

Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch!

Simple? – YES!

Collaborative? – YES!

Fun? YES!

Seemed like work?  NO – well, not to me.


I love the play on words for LAN – traditionally known as Local Area Network – and it’s use lately for local educators getting together to watch and discuss the K-12 Online Conference offerings.

The extremely wonderful Kim Cofino, graciously hosted ISB’s first K-12 Online Conference LAN party last Saturday morning, in downtown Bangkok. She’d already downloaded most of the videos, set up the TV and sound-system AND had breakfast on the table with helpful supplies from us all.  Of course I must mention that Kim has a presentation along with another fabulous educator, Jen Wagner in this years K-12 Online Conference.  “Connecting Classroom Across Continents: Planning and Implementing Globally Collaborative Projects” in the Kicking It Up a Notch strand.

Bangkok K-12 Online Conference LAN Party

The conversation was flowing, rich and authentic as we shared with our fellow colleagues what we thought might be of interest to them to watch.  The two presentations decided upon were Chris Betcher’s  and Alice Barr, Bob Sprankle and Cheryl Oak’s Keynote in the Getting Started strand.  This was to be the 3rd time I’d seen Chris Betcher‘s presentation “I Like Delicious Things: an introduction to tagging and folksonomies and STILL I learnt more tips from it.  The amazing Silvia Tolisano skyped in from Jacksonville, Florida and did a fabulous job of explaining the difference between delicious and tagging to one very keen teacher sitting in the room who really wanted to understandwhat she’d just witnessed in a presentation.

Our LAN party was so successful and so authentic that it was decided we just could leave it at one party.  This format is now set to become a regular occurrence, rotating between venues close to school and venues downtown.  It will always be open for everyone, anytime they feel they can make it. There’s a wealth of talent and knowledge and ideas out there just waiting for us to tap into. And the conversations that arise out of just watching a presentation for 12- 15 minutes is phenomenal! I really can’t think of a better way to receive personal Professional Development.  What’s even better is the  K-12 Online Conference is available anytime convenient to you.  Heck, there’s still K-12 Online Conference 2006 and 2007 presentations on my list to watch that I still have access to!

Here’s to the next LAN party in two weeks time – if you live in Bangkok – hope to  see you there – if not, and you think you might want to skype in and be part of the conversation, we’d love to hear from you!

I wonder which presentations we’ll watch this time?

Learning 2.0 Shanghai

I have to keep pinching myself because it seems so far-fetched that I’m flying to Shanghai, China in 6 days to attend the Learning2.0 Conference beginning with Edublogger Con on Thursday 18th September AND I get to fly with two fabulous friends and awesome bloggers Kim Cofino and Tara Ethridge AND catch up with fellow NZder Simon May who lives and teaches in Shanghai.
This is an amazing opportunity to catch up with invited guests David Warlick, Ewan MacIntosh, whom I have the absolute pleasure to meet and listen to already, as well as the chance to meet and listen to Clarence Fisher, Brian Crosby, Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach, Alan Levine and David Jakes.  That in itself just makes me incredibly excited.

My twitter network was a-twitter last week with questions of “Are you going to Learning2.0?”  My excitement was pushed three more steps up as I began to discover that many of the amazing people in my twitter-network were going to Shanghai also. I’m looking forward to meeting lots of fellow educators/bloggers from Australia and Qatar (can’t wait to meet you finally Julie!).  There’s going to be so much meeting and greeting – I was beginning to wonder when we might get time to attend a conference?!

Who would have thought that my excitement could step up a notch after all that? I didn’t think it was possible, but Jeff Utecht made it so.  He asked if I would be interested in doing a 45 minute presentation at Learning2.0 Shanghai!  Oh my goodness!  Are you kidding me?  Me?  Present? With all those famous people you already have lined up?  What a fabulous chance to give something back to the very community that got me started on this amazing journey of Web2.0 in the classroom.  Thanks for the opportunity Jeff!

So here’s the blurb for my presentation ……….  now I just need to put the finishing touches on it.

Goodbye New Zealand, Hello Bangkok

For those of you that I didn’t get a chance to tell personally or you didn’t catch my twitter ….

Yes, I’ve moved from Napier, New Zealand, across the seas to Bangkok, Thailand


It’s farewell to my very supportive principal and fellow colleagues for the last four years at TIS and hello to a fabulous new principal, deputy principal, some amazing new colleagues in Elementary School, fellow ex-pats, and without a doubt, some serious fellow-bloggers such as my wonderful friend Ms Cofino and Jeff Utecht.  I’m absolutely thrilled to be working the International School of Bangkok whose commitment to 21st Century Digital Literacy makes it an inspiring place to be involved in.

I’ve just completed my first week at ISB and even though it’s still early days when the shine of excitement still remains, I have to say I’m impressed.  For such a big school (and I’ve come from roll of 580 to a roll of 700 in just the Elementary School) I don’t feel too lost, I certainly feel very welcome, and it definitely feels right to be here.  I love my surroundings, I love my new apartment, I love my class and classroom and I love the fact that on Day 5 of being at a new school, my students and I began our own class blog!

Ye-ah! I live and work in Bangkok!  Contrary to popular suggestions (thanks Brian) I will not be changing to bkchrissy on twitter – Once a Kiwi, always a Kiwi – so nzchrissy remains!  Watch this space!

FLNW08 Thailand

I have just had the privilege of taking part in an un-conference, in a school that I don’t work for, but one that was discussing the very issues that continue to be part of my professional questionings.
What’s the reason for this, the first of many un-conferences to come?

It’s called FLNW (Future of Learning in a Networked World 2)

“FLNW08 will kick off from Bangkok on the 16th January 2008. An itinerary of events outlines all that is happening through out January 2008. A blog is also being used to document progress and an email forum cops the incessant chatter of the participants. The Living Classroom is providing a Moodle as a forum to continue the conversations started during the FLNW 2006 visit to Waiheke around teaching English in a Mobile and Networked World and host new activities with educators in Thailand.”

Thanks to an open invitation via twitter from my good friend Kim Cofino, I was able to watch ISB’s un-conference via ustream and contribute to a backchannel via ustream chat.

Whilst speaking, Vance Stevens shared his Slideshare URL regarding Reading and the Internet so that we could follow along with his presentation for the staff at ISB taking part in this un-conference.
This particular slide speaks volumes to me, and encourages me to continue to include blogging in our classroom.

It is so powerful to hear what other educators around the world are thinking, what they are doing and especially today, how they are looking at ways to continue to instill a love of reading, plus the necessary skills of reading, into their students in this growing Web2.0 environment.  As Kim so eloquently put it during the the conversation …….

“It’s not Web2.0 to the students, it’s just the web, that’s what it’s always been to them”

This living classroom helps to remind us that we are not alone in our thinking, that it is worth pursuing the value of learning in a Networked World 2

So thanks International School of Bangkok. Thanks for being so open and inviting, thanks for letting educators from around the world be “flies on the wall” during your meeting and thanks for letting us be part of your conversation and connected to you.

Official Goal (cos it’s in writing)

nzchrissy | The Webcast Academy

I’m a Webcast Academy Intern of Class 2.2  (Started 26 July, 2007)

Today I set myself a goal.  I WILL graduate this year.  Sooner rather than later.

Tonight I’ve created my Webcast Portfolio and Webcast Setup in preparation for the official Gradcast ceremony.   At the moment I have two shows under my belt and I’d like to do a couple more shows before I apply for graduation.

Show #1 – ProjectFeelGood Equinox Webcastathon 07 – Interview with Kim Cofino

Show #2 – Educational Bloodbath Show #1 – Mac vrs PC debate with Jason Hando
I have a few ideas for shows, and a couple of possibilities floating around, so stay tuned – I’ll tweet when I’m ready to broadcast live!