FLNW08 Thailand

I have just had the privilege of taking part in an un-conference, in a school that I don’t work for, but one that was discussing the very issues that continue to be part of my professional questionings.
What’s the reason for this, the first of many un-conferences to come?

It’s called FLNW (Future of Learning in a Networked World 2)

“FLNW08 will kick off from Bangkok on the 16th January 2008. An itinerary of events outlines all that is happening through out January 2008. A blog is also being used to document progress and an email forum cops the incessant chatter of the participants. The Living Classroom is providing a Moodle as a forum to continue the conversations started during the FLNW 2006 visit to Waiheke around teaching English in a Mobile and Networked World and host new activities with educators in Thailand.”

Thanks to an open invitation via twitter from my good friend Kim Cofino, I was able to watch ISB’s un-conference via ustream and contribute to a backchannel via ustream chat.

Whilst speaking, Vance Stevens shared his Slideshare URL regarding Reading and the Internet so that we could follow along with his presentation for the staff at ISB taking part in this un-conference.
This particular slide speaks volumes to me, and encourages me to continue to include blogging in our classroom.

It is so powerful to hear what other educators around the world are thinking, what they are doing and especially today, how they are looking at ways to continue to instill a love of reading, plus the necessary skills of reading, into their students in this growing Web2.0 environment.  As Kim so eloquently put it during the the conversation …….

“It’s not Web2.0 to the students, it’s just the web, that’s what it’s always been to them”

This living classroom helps to remind us that we are not alone in our thinking, that it is worth pursuing the value of learning in a Networked World 2

So thanks International School of Bangkok. Thanks for being so open and inviting, thanks for letting educators from around the world be “flies on the wall” during your meeting and thanks for letting us be part of your conversation and connected to you.

7 thoughts on “FLNW08 Thailand

  1. Thank you Chrissy for this post. I had looked at the schedule and promptly forgotten it was on. What a wonderful experience you have just enjoyed and thank you for sharing it with us! Must remember to check when further online sessions might be scheduled.

  2. Great work Chrissy – it was fantastic to be part of the meeting and hear them having twitter explained as a way of getting people into a presentation.The discussion of what reading is was very broad and the range of contributions were excellent. The technical standards were really quite impressive and being able to see the meeting ,have a chat room, twitter and also see the slide presentation and the flickr set of photos to view while sitting here at home was so wonderful and seemed almost seamless. A credit to everyone involved and particularly Kim Corfino. When is the next one???

  3. Chrissy, what a great experience it must have been and thanks for sharing Vance’s slides with us. I missed most of it and was only there for the last 10 minutes but I saw some of my twitter friends there in the chat. It really is amazing how connected we all can be. And I love the quote you gave from Kim “it just the web, that’s what it’s always been to them.” what a timely reminder as we go into the new school year here in the southern hemisphere.

  4. Thanks Anne, Sue and Jo. It really was impressive and only thanks to Kim via twitter (gotta love that PLN) that I was able to experience it.

    Sue, not sure when the next one is, keep an eye on that flnw wikispace.

    Jo, yes, perfect reminder as we start our new school year. Using blogs as part and parcel of my literacy in the classroom is certainly top of my priorities for the year.

  5. Thanks Chrissy for the excellent overview of the session. Unfortunately kid duties kept me away. The next session is Nancy White’s I believe — at 7.00 am my time. Must admit I am getting confused by the time clock since I thought Nancy’s session was on tonight at 6.00 instead I missed Leigh’s session that started at 5.00 pm. Looking like there is no hope for me.

  6. That was a pretty amazing experience! I ‘borrowed’ your screenshot image to add to my post on this around-the-world connection that happened (late at night for me). A small little gesture on your part ended up playing a big part in my post: http://eduspaces.net/dtruss/weblog/250439.html It was great to ‘meet’ you Chrissy. Blogging doesn’t just put students in touch, as Vince’s slide above mentions, it brings educators together too! We really are making the world a lot smaller, on click, one link and one connection at a time:-)

  7. Hi Chrissy, that was great. It really drove home the idea that our PLE’s are no longer “out there” but can happen at any time we are ready for them. PD is now only a tweet away and the discussion and writing that takes place after just continues that conversation as we are able to see exactly what others took away from the discussion. It broadens our perspective and really helps deepen our understanding. btw – do you really have room for 9?