Posts That Make You Ponder

Jeff The Thinking Stick Utecht’s latest posts, “I don’t want to integrate it, I want to embed it” and “Embedding the tool is only the first part” got me thinking – then I read all the comments (18 in total so far) and had to add the phrase “the way we do business here” from Will Richardson and the word “grafting” from Ric Murray to my thinking.

What’s going on in our classroom? Integrating? Embedding? Grafting? Or is it just the way we do business here? Honestly? I think most of the time is a bit of all four! Integrate means find a place where it fits – well that’s what I do when I discover a new web2.0 tool and I desperately want to share it with my students. Embed means to incorporate or contain as an essential part or characteristic. Our wikispace is an essential part of our learning, it’s the “go to place” for everyone – we wouldn’t be room18 without our wikispace. Grafting means to join or unite closely, or “seamless- invisible” from Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach. We use what ever tool, what ever technology helps us the most to learn, to teach others, to display our learning, to extend our learning or to share our learning. It’s intertwined, interlinked and intermingled and “it’s also the way we do business here.”

So what’s going on in your classroom?


One thought on “Posts That Make You Ponder

  1. Chrissy, I can’t comment about my class as I do not have one, but I can comment about my school and getting staff to embedd, integrate, graft or whatever is a very difficult process, it is not called a supertanker for nothing! I have been empowered by the 20% 70% 10% ratio that one of the presenters at Ulearn was touting. Focus on the 20% and the 70% will follow. Well you know who the other 10% are and I have been focussing on them! Now it is time to focus on those that want to use these tools. I guess that what I am saying is that, if you are passionate about what you are doing, you will find a way to utilise these tools to enhance the learning environment and outcomes for your students, the rest is just semantics.