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CoETaIL Blogging Assignment:  Sept 14-20th

Use Creative Commons image search to find an appropriate image to use in at least one of the classes you teach. Include this image in a blog post and share how you plan to use it in the classroom. How can visual imagery support your curricular content?

Our Enduring Understandings:

  • Design and layout of information influence effective communication
  • Audience and purpose behind your communication affect how and what you communicate.
  • Different information mediums require different strategies when organizing information and communicating effectively.

I use Creative Commons all the time to help me with my Reading Workshop and Writing Workshop mini-lessons.  I hope that it helps my students visualise and capture the heart (no pun intended) of what the mini-lesson teaching point is. At the same time I use images to model to students how to attribute images used.  There’s always an attribution slide at the end of the mini-lesson.  (That’s me – always looking for multiple teachable moments!!)

This is one of my most favourite images used to date.  It’s popular with my students too!
Peanut Butter Cup Heart on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Image Attribution:

The Writing Workshop mini-lesson was:

Good writers revise by asking themselves “What’s the most important part of this story?” and then develop that section.  You can do this by ……….

  • Rereading your story
  • Find the heart of it
  • Develop that section of your writing

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  1.   Kim Cofino Says:

    I like this one too. I like any picture of candy. I like it better when the candy is out of the picture and in my hand.

  2.   Sophie Says:

    Hey Ms Hellyer
    Its Sophie from your old class rm 18 lasy year I just Want to say that you were an awesome teacher & Me,Annie,Lara misses you !!!! Hope you have an awesome time in Thailand. Bye Sophiee

  3.   piazzamannino Says:

    I can certainly see why this might be a favorite! I love your blog!
    Check us out at:
    Diane Mannino