Amazing Day

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This has been the most amazing day so far in my ICT life! BTW it did not start in morning nor anytime in the afternoon. It began at 9pm when I streamed live on during the Equinox Webcastathon this weekend. My special guest was my good friend Kim Cofino and we were talking about ProjectFeelGood and other online collaborative projects that we’ve been involved in or getting involved in. We talked for an hour and had 5 listeners and up to 7 in the chat too. Twittering about it saw Ewan McIntosh enter the chatroom (which was sooooooo cool!) Unfortunately he couldn’t hear the stream to well and then someone knocked on his door so he had to go! I’m really looking forward to hearing him speak as the keynote speaker at ULearn07 in a weeks time and I’m going to one of his sessions on Podcasting too. But I digress.

Kim and I kept chatting, then she invited me into Jeff Utecht’s WiZiQ session. WiZiQ is similar to Elluminate and Jeff had twittered about it but I wasn’t sure about gatecrashing. When Kim said come on in I didn’t hesitate! Jeff had only announced the session via twitter and it was amazing who turned up. David Warlick was there, Allanah King was in there, as was Durff, Will Richardson, Graham Wegner, Kim of course and many others. Unfortunately I joined the session right at the end and after about 12 minutes the session abruptly ended. I was impressed with the clean interface of WiZiQ but I think they need a better system of notifying you that the time is up! Kim then added me to a chat she was having with Graham Wegner, then Susan Sedro joined us too. Twitter was going, and up popped Chris Betcher saying that he was adding people to his skype that he wanted to chat to. He then popped up on Kim’s request to share contact details so she bought him into the chat too. Next Chris suggested that we have a skypecast to see how many we could get in there before it broke! We got to 9!! It was truely a global conversation! As people appeared online Chris skyped them in. Represented was Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Singapore, US, Canada. Wow, 3 continents and 8 different timezones and skype did not break! I took a screenshot using myskitch - it’s almost unreal!

Uploaded with Skitch!

I met so many amazing people today, talked extensively with some “old” friends and “new” friends then Kim and I realised that we’d just been connected for over 5 hours! She’s in Bangkok and I’m in New Zealand. We talked about global connections, Kim’s awesome new wiki called Global Collaborations. If you’re interested in getting involved in connecting your classroom globally, no matter what level, go there and sign up! We talked about Ewan McIntosh coming to New Zealand (and he’d just twittered about travelling here – it will take 60hours as a round trip) and Sharon Peters suggested backchannelling some of the sessions that Ewan takes. (When I figure out what that actually means I might just do that!) Sharon also suggested skyping people in and I so plan to do that. If you’re interested in this, leave me a comment and I’ll add you to my skype contact list if you’re not already there.

I SO get twitter now.

5 Responses to “Amazing Day”

  1.   Allanahk Says:

    Very cool but my head hurts. 2am and you stayed on for a bit longer again. Twitter does need a bit of ‘getting’ but you get a great reward for having a wide virtual network.

    It was nice to have a couple of back to back sessions where everyone was learning together- not being recorded and archived!

  2.   Graham Wegner Says:

    The Skype chat was a lot of fun and I’m sorry that I didn’t join the conversation as it was nearly my bedtime (how you were up so late NZ time is beyond me!) – the backchannelling idea is just what we were doing with text just that it’s done during a session where you can chatcast the ideas with others in or out of the room! I did think that the four of us for the first hour really covered some educational ground just using the chat format – I like the fact I can be doing other stuff as well. As soon as I put a headset on I can’t do anything else – my energies are all used in listening. I think I knew if I joined that conversation my bedtime would have been postponed and that might not have made for a harmonious household! Plus I would have been stuffed today at school.

  3.   mscofino Says:

    What a fantastic day! I’m still buzzing from all of the connections we made yesterday! Thank you so much for the wonderful interview that started it all off!

  4.   Ewan McIntosh Says:

    I have a cool thing to allow backchannelling via text message (SMS) but it’s only on a UK number. Backchannel away! A great way for a speaker to see if (s)he’s hitting or missing the mark.

  5.   Susan Sedro Says:

    Oh! Please do have a back channel. I’d love to be “there” from Singapore.