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We’ve just had our third professional development session with Emily today.

Our first session covered the basics of Inquiry Learning and what Inquiry Learning actually means to us – we were finding out if we are all on the same page. What does inquiry learning actually mean and how do we go about it followed soon after. Our task to complete before the second session was to “go wild” with possible topics of interest with our class. That was fun …. and it gave me a real insight into what my students were really concerned about, or wondering about. Sometimes I think we’re so “head down, tails up” in getting through our prescribed curriculum, that we forget to “take five” and just have an informal discussion with our students about what’s going on in the world around us and what we think about it.

The second session saw our team of Year 7 Teachers share the topics that interested our students the most: Fashion & Fashion Trends, Technology, and Global Warming Effects topped the list. From this list we decided which of those inspired us the most and amazingly I chose technology (surprise, surprise), one colleague chose Fashion, the other chose the Global Warming so we will have an interesting variety of end products to look at when this is finished! Next task was to come up with some ” big questions”, ideas for a possible end product, and possible resources.

Today’s session was helping us to prepare for the introduction of Inquiry Learning to our students. We put together some ideas for activities to introduce and “hook in” students to our chosen topic of inquiry.

Even though we’re not sure of what we’re doing, and it feels like we’re flying blind, I’m really liking this way of learning. We have a chunk of professional development – just enough to support us with the next step and then we get to give it a go with our students. Next session sees us reflect on how that went and then we prepare for the next step of learning. Sounds like scaffolding to me! And I like it!

I found this on Chris Lehman’s blogpost EduBloggerCon – A Message for Change:

The new technology tools at our disposal allow us to fundamentally alter our schools that we can build inquiry-driven, project-based schools that foster a student-centered, collaborative environments that extend far beyond the physical walls of the school.

Now I just need a little help from YOU. I’m after a catchy title for this Unit.
Here’s our big questions, our wonderings, our concerns etc …..

“What was technology like in the past, what is it like now, and what will it be like in the future? What impact does that have on me? Is technology a need or a want?”

We’re keen on looking at various inventions such as medical equipment, communication devices, games, visual display, etc, and the impact of technology on our lifestyle. Can you tell that my students have been heavily influenced by being involved in the Horizon Project?

Any ideas for a catchy title yet?

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  1.   Vicki Davis Says:

    How about:

    Techno-Babble or Necessity?
    Technology Rocks — or should it Roll Away?

    I don’t know something that relates to them — I was looking at the top 40 music charts but couldn’t find a song that would fit.

    You could do something based off the OK Go guys that have gone virile –

    How about —

    OK Here we go — but do we want to?

    See the videos here. Start off with talking about the influence these things are having on culture and then go from there.