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I love school holidays – not because I’m not teaching – but because I can do things like listen to the awesome ladies of WOW2.0 broadcasting through Worldbridges and EdTechTalk, Tuesday nights at 9pm EST. (Which is our Wednesday afternoon at 1pm – GMT+12). This week’s show features four top Australian educators:
Graham Wegner
– Teaching Generation Z – Judy O’Connell - Jo McLeay – The Open Classroom – and Jason Hando – Clever Learning. Now that’s a show that will be worth listening to. I’m sure the chatroom will be spectacular too! I can usually listen to the live stream from school (as it’s my lunch with no duties) but I can’t access the chatroom unless I’m at home. So if you get a chance tomorrow – tune into this show – because it sounds like a “goodie”.

Thanks to Judy O’Connell’s blog post on a podcasting toolbox, I came across another toolbox
Video Toolbox: 150+ Online Video Tools and Resources. There is a wealth of links in this mashup, from How-tos to Online Video Editors to Online Video Converters – everything you could need for using Video in your classroom programme! I was really impressed with the Mashable Social Networking site that these two toolboxes came from. Definitely worth a longer look at. Gee I’m glad I’ve still got a few more days of holidays left!

4 Responses to “Next WOW2.0 Show”

  1.   durff Says:

    Can you access Skype at school? We could always faciliate a Skypechat (backchanneling) in lieu of the chatroom. Of course, talented people like you, Simon, Jason, Allanah, oh so many… would probably be active in both chats at the same time! I invite you to It’s Elementary, a live webcast on Mondays at 23:00GMT. Our next on is 7/23. The first one was plagued with technological difficulties, during which I almost threw in the towel, only there was no towel to throw….kidding aside, my compatriots,Jose and Alice, did a phenomenal job! I look forward to meeting this class of interns!

  2.   teachingsagittarian Says:

    Can definitely access Skype at school and I like the sound of a skypechat! Will also check out It’s Elementary – just off to the my trusty world clock to find out what time it will be here in NZ – if it works I’ll be there. PS – I’m not really that talented – just a willing-to-give-everything-a-go kinda girl! Rachel, Simon and Allanah are the talented ones!

  3.   Jo McLeay Says:

    Hi, just found your blog through Judy O’Connell. What an interesting idea to listen to WOW 2.0 at school. Great to find another NZ bloger

  4.   Rachel Boyd Says:

    Thanks for reminding me of the WOW2 conversation/show. I managed to just get home in time to enjoy at least half. Also thanks for working out that time difference… think I was too lazy to do that. Might try and listen next week at school but will have to check my lunch duty roster as it has apparently changed slightly.

    Cheers, Rachel